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Overtime is based on the regular rate of pay and the regular rate of pay includes all renumeration. In order to determine how much overtime compensation, the employee is entitled to we need to calculate the regular rate of pay. The regular rate of pay depends on how the employee is paid (hourly; hourly plus […]

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Pursuant to California Labor Code section 204.3, an employer may provide certain non-exempt employees with paid time off also known as compensatory time off (CTO) rather than pay them overtime compensation if the following elements are met: ELEMENT NUMBER 1: The employer’s Compensatory Time Off (CTO) policy must be in writing;  ELEMENT NUMBER 2: The […]

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Morris Nazarian

Attorney Morris Nazarian is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, where he obtained his undergraduate degree, summa cum laude, in neuroscience. He serves the community of Century City and Los Angeles as an Employment Lawyer.