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Pursuant to California Labor Code section 204.3, an employer may provide certain non-exempt employees with paid time off also known as compensatory time off (CTO) rather than pay them overtime compensation if the following elements are met: ELEMENT NUMBER 1: The employer’s Compensatory Time Off (CTO) policy must be in writing;  ELEMENT NUMBER 2: The […]

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Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a nationwide program created to provide partial wage replacement to unemployed workers while they conduct an active search for new work. Under California law, how a job ended is crucial in determining whether the employee is eligible for unemployment insurance. An employee can be eligible for unemployment insurance under the following […]

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Our goal is to provide each client with excellent representation, and the best possible results. Your Attorney Morris believes, teamwork and a clear understanding of the your goals and facts will lead towards a successful case.

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Morris Nazarian

Attorney Morris Nazarian is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, where he obtained his undergraduate degree, summa cum laude, in neuroscience. He serves the community of Century City and Los Angeles as an Employment Lawyer.